"There's no there, there". (W. Gibson. Mona Lisa Overdrive)
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quinta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2008



"Hello, Angie."

"The folklore of console jockeys, continuity. What do you know about that?"
"What would you like to know, Angie?"

"'When It Changed'..."

"The mythform is usually encountered in one of two modes. One mode assumes that the cyberspace matrix is inhabited, or perhaps visited, by entities whose characteristics correspond with the primary mythform of a 'hidden people'. The other involves assumptions of omniscience, omnipotence, and incomprehensibility on the part of the matrix itself."

"That the matrix is God?"

"In a manner of speaking, althoug it would be more accurate, in terms of the mythform, to say that the matrix has a God, since this being omniscience and omnipotence are assumed to be limited to the matrix."

"If it has limits, it isn't omnipotent."

"Exactly. Notice that the mythform doesn't credit the being with immortality, as would ordinarily be the case in belief systems positing a supreme being, at least in terms of your particular culture. Cyberspace exists, insofar as it can be said to exist, by virtue of human agency".
"Like you."

(Mona Lisa Overdrive. William Gibson)